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Page 6 of 43 • FALL 2016 • PAN PIPES 5 2016-2017 OFFICERS KAPPA B PO JoAn E. White Collegiate Chapters Iota Theta, Iota Omega, Mu Theta Alumnae Chapters Dallas, Denton, East Texas KAPPA C PO Dr. Jaynne Middleton Collegiate Chapters Beta Kappa, Gamma Phi, Zeta Nu Alumnae Chapters Arlington, Fort Worth KAPPA D PO Cristina Mendoza Collegiate Chapters Beta Theta, Beta Pi, Lambda Zeta Alumnae Chapters Houston LAMBDA A PO Hilary Yip, MT-BC Collegiate Chapters Sigma Chi, Lambda Omicron, Lambda Pi Alumnae Chapters Fort Lauderdale, Miami LAMBDA B PO Mary E. Oppel Collegiate Chapters Beta Alpha, Zeta Theta, Theta Nu Alumnae Chapters South Georgia LAMBDA C PO Laurel A. Fecko Collegiate Chapters Zeta Tau, Eta Pi, Theta Xi, Lambda Iota Alumnae Chapters Orlando, Volusia County LAMBDA D PO Anna-Marie Wright Collegiate Chapters Beta Sigma, Delta Gamma, Delta Chi Alumnae Chapters Gainesville, Sarasota/Manatee, Tampa MU A PO Beverly A. Pierce Collegiate Chapters Alpha Omega, Delta Beta, Epsilon Gamma, Lambda Nu Alumnae Chapters Jonesboro, Memphis MU B PO Sheree L. O'Rorke Collegiate Chapters Sigma Omicron, Epsilon Delta, Zeta Rho, Zeta Chi, Mu Mu Alumnae Chapters Hot Springs NU PO Mayalisa Bordenkircher Collegiate Chapters Sigma Zeta, Beta Delta Alumnae Chapters Moscow/Pullman, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma XI A PO Dr. Adrienne C. Dickson Collegiate Chapters Kappa, Eta Nu Alumnae Chapters Lincoln XI B PO Sara B. Danielson Collegiate Chapters Pi, Sigma Lambda, Alpha Upsilon, Zeta Epsilon Alumnae Chapters Des Moines, Iowa City XI C PO Patty Krus Stanfield Collegiate Chapters Sigma Upsilon, Alpha Phi Alumnae Chapters Boulder, Denver OMICRON PO Jennifer Cady Collegiate Chapters Alpha Beta, Delta Eta Alumnae Chapters Phoenix, Tucson PI A PO Pat A. Setser Collegiate Chapters Gamma Psi, Epsilon Omega, Epsilon Phi, Eta Epsilon Alumnae Chapters Kansas City, Springfield MO PI B PO Jamie A. Becker Collegiate Chapters Delta Epsilon, Epsilon Pi , Theta Omicron, Theta Tau, Iota Lambda, Kappa Nu Alumnae Chapters Columbia MO, St. Louis RHO A PO Keri Flowers Collegiate Chapters Delta Zeta, Zeta Gamma, Kappa Mu, Kappa Phi, Mu Eta Alumnae Chapters None RHO B PO Donna Smith Collegiate Chapters Epsilon Chi, Theta Beta, Theta Delta, Theta Zeta, Kappa Chi, Lambda Psi Alumnae Chapters None SIGMA A PO Rebecca E. Sepulveda Collegiate Chapters Gamma Upsilon, Delta Omega, Eta Sigma, Eta Psi, Eta-Iota Alumnae Chapters Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville SIGMA B PO Kathy Vansant Collegiate Chapters Sigma Beta , Delta Sigma, Theta Alpha, Kappa Tau, Lambda Upsilon Alumnae Chapters Columbus OH, Dayton SIGMA C PO Ashley E. Wohlwend Collegiate Chapters Alpha Gamma, Alpha Nu, Zeta Upsilon Alumnae Chapters Cleveland, Warren/Youngstown TAU A PO Jammie N. Phillips Collegiate Chapters Gamma Eta, Iota Zeta Alumnae Chapters Atlanta TAU B PO Diane Jordan Collegiate Chapters Epsilon Theta, Eta Theta, Kappa Gamma, Lambda Beta, Mu Lambda Alumnae Chapters Charlotte TAU C PO Claudia A. Moller Collegiate Chapters Beta Rho, Gamma Theta, Lambda Sigma Alumnae Chapters Statesboro TAU D PO Kelly M. Hood Collegiate Chapters Beta Zeta, Beta Psi, Eta Beta, Iota Tau, Lambda Omega Alumnae Chapters Raleigh/Durham TAU E PO Bethany A. Tallman Collegiate Chapters Theta Lambda, Theta Chi, Lambda Xi, Mu Nu Alumnae Chapters None UPSILON A PO Gemma T. Billings Collegiate Chapters Psi, Sigma Alpha, Beta Gamma, Lambda Mu, Mu Kappa Alumnae Chapters Bloomington/Normal IL, Peoria UPSILON B PO Mary M. Gendry Collegiate Chapters Nu, Sigma Delta Alumnae Chapters Decatur, Urbana PHI A PO Melissa S. Csengeto Collegiate Chapters Delta Delta, Theta Kappa, Theta Upsilon, Kappa Alpha, Lambda Tau Alumnae Chapters Central New Jersey, Northern New Jersey PHI B PO Michelle Werner Collegiate Chapters Eta Mu, Lambda Phi Alumnae Chapters Boston, New York CHI A PO Dr. Mary Frances Bushong Collegiate Chapters Delta Alpha, Delta Mu, Epsilon Epsilon, Eta Rho, Mu Zeta, Mu Sigma Alumnae Chapters Northern Delaware, Philadelphia CHI B PO Karen E. Smith Collegiate Chapters Sigma Omega, Alpha Mu, Eta Phi, Kappa Beta Alumnae Chapters Pittsburgh PA, Selinsgrove CHI C PO Shannon G. Trout Collegiate Chapters Zeta Eta, Kappa Lambda, Lambda Theta, Lambda Kappa Alumnae Chapters None PSI A PO Ashley Boone Collegiate Chapters Gamma Rho, Theta Mu, Lambda Alpha, Lambda Eta Alumnae Chapters Knoxville PSI B PO Dr. Ginny Britt Collegiate Chapters Epsilon Lambda, Zeta Omicron, Iota Phi, Kappa Iota, Kappa Pi, Mu Pi Alumnae Chapters Nashville PSI C PO Elizabeth Bradshaw Gaskill Collegiate Chapters Delta Pi, Epsilon Iota, Iota Beta, Mu Omicron Alumnae Chapters Clarksville OMEGA A PO Marci Trembus Kraus Collegiate Chapters Sigma Phi, Beta Chi, Iota Omicron, Kappa Kappa Alumnae Chapters Lafayette, Lake Charles OMEGA B PO Courtney A. McBee Collegiate Chapters Beta Iota, Epsilon Kappa, Eta Zeta, Eta Lambda Alumnae Chapters None OMEGA C PO Marci Trembus Kraus Collegiate Chapters Theta Theta, Theta Psi, Kappa Epsilon, Mu Rho Alumnae Chapters New Orleans Complete contact information for all officers is available on the Officer Portal.

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