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Spring 2020 2 PAN PIPES Dear Members of Sigma Alpha Iota, I hope that you and your loved ones are safe at this extraordinary time. With the current health crisis, we have all had to adapt to new situations while we try to keep our lives as normal as possible. As many of us have had to do, my "normal" life of teaching has had to move totally online. This "old dog" has suddenly learned some "new tricks!" For the well-being of my students and myself, I've retained the same class schedule with which I started the spring semester. The added benefit has been that beloved pets have suddenly become a regular visitor during lessons and music theory classes. I encourage my students to interact with each other by opening class up 15 minutes early so that we can have "social time" together. I have found that I need that time with them as much as they do. Your NEB has been extremely proactive in dealing with fallout from this global health crisis that led to colleges closing across the country, as well as the need for social distancing and self- isolation for our alumnae and collegiate members. Under the leadership of Jessica Chichester, NVP Collegiate Chapters, we have strived to ensure that our Members-in- Training are able to finish their training process, we have asked that all VP Memberships continue to teach their MITs about our beloved Fraternity by meeting via Zoom and utilizing our online MIT curriculum. Our hopes are to have all MITs pay their initiation fees and pass the Membership Exam so that when schools open, our collegiate chapters can hold initiation. Our NVP Finance, Keri Flowers Richburg, has been guiding our chapters through financial hurdles brought on by the pandemic and worked with our Executive Director, Ruth Sieber Johnson, to find a way for MITs to make payments directly to National Headquarters so they may continue their training process. We have also given guidance and directions for our chapters to vote on awards and elect officers for the fall, so that our leaders can still be recognized and planning for the upcoming year can proceed. Alumnae chapters have also been encouraged to stay at home as many of our members are at risk for contracting the COVID-19 virus. NPV Alumnae Chapters Mary Frances Bushong has suggested that alumnae members begin planning their 2020-2021 calendar of events, along with preparing for their Official Visit with their Province Officer. Keeping our connection with our members and with the Fraternity, Tracey Wygal Withrow, NVP Ritual and Fraternity Education, and Christine Hall, NVP Fraternity Development, organized a 14-day photo challenge on social media that culminated with an SAI Chorale Sing- along on Zoom. Reports indicate that not only was this event a total success, it was a much-needed way of bringing our sisters together from across the country. Our colonies have been put on "pause" for the time being and Jennifer Zerangue Mistretta, NVP Extension, has been in contact with each colony to ensure the members are safe. Heidi Frankson and the SAI Philanthropies, Inc. Board continue their work processing the fraternity grant and scholarship applications that were successfully submitted online. As we adapt to our "new norm", I encourage you to try new activities while retaining those that bring you personal joy and satisfaction. Now is a great time to start or continue those New Year Resolutions that may have gotten lost. Explore new hobbies or continue ones that you now have time to do. Love to bake or cook? Search the internet for new recipes and incorporate them into your weekly menus. Listen to music that you love. Have a favorite composer? Try other pieces of his/hers that you aren't as familiar with and expand your listening list. As we spend more time on the computer, we also need to get up out of our chairs or off the couch and move. Set an alarm to remind you to do something physical. Play music from a past era and dance like no one is watching! Keep both your physical and mental health active. Stay in communication with your sisters. Start a pen pal program with each other or with another chapter in your area or Province. We may have to isolate ourselves physically, but we do not have keep to ourselves. Share the new and exciting things you have added to your daily life. Encourage others to get up and move. Talk to friends and loved ones through whatever technology you have access to. I truly believe that we will come out of this crisis stronger and more unified than before. Stay safe – stay healthy – stay home! Leslie Odom Miller, National President A WORD FROM THE NATIONAL PRESIDENT EDITOR'S NOTES Dear Readers, S pring 2020 has been an interesting time indeed! With the global concern over the spread of Covid-19, we have had to make major adjustments to our daily lives in a very short amount of time. For me, that includes my family staying at home in Washington state, continuing my son's previous homeschool education, and enriching each day with music, art, and new recipes. As musicians, many of us are finding ways to continue to share our love of music and to educate others via social media and virtual meetings. An example: SAI's had a daily photo sharing challenge, which culminated in a Chorale sing-a-along via Zoom at the end of March ( pictured above). As far as PAN PIPES, you will note that this issue is slightly shorter than usual, in an effort to conserve resources. I hope you will enjoy reading and "traveling" to the various museums and events described within; definitely visit the websites given to see more from the comfort of your home. We've also included online links to music education resources, and some book and recording reviews for you to consider. As always, PAN PIPES welcomes input from our readers. If you are interested in sharing a story, interview, or potential topic, please contact me at SAI Roses, Christine Bruns, Editor

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